Fly a little further - Bedriftsbeskjed
Steve Rajeff in trout accuracy world championship Fagernes 2010
Trout accuracy
4 goals, each consisting of 3 rings (5-3-1 points) are placed randomly between 8 and 15 m. Using a #5 weight line and a rod that´s max. 9 ft., you have 16 casts (4 on each goal) and can score max. 80 points. 


Silja Longhurst, Denmark in trout distance

Trout distance 
As in trout accuracy, you use a #5 weight line. Being a distance event, the aim is to cast the fly as far as possible. 

Seatrout Distance 
Still single-handed equipment, but a bit heavier than what is used in the trout distance. The line must float and can weigh maximum 27 grams. 


Salmon distance 
Double-handed fishing tackle for salmon fishing. Max. 15 ft. rod and a line that weighs max. 55 grams.

Spey distance 15'1''  
The only event where the caster is standing in water. He or she has to perfom on both sides, angling to the right and to the left hand side. 


18´/16´ spey distance 
It doesn´t get heavier than this. Speycasting with a 18´rod (16´for women) can send the fly far, far away. 
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