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World championship flycasting 2012

5#cup Norway started today

33 casters participated in todays flycasting competition in Tonsberg, outside of Oslo.

The competition was the first out of six in the annual indoor cup with #5 trout tackle. The casters compete in trout accuracy, trout distance and the "all-round" (accuracy points + 2 best distance casts). The international competition-rules are used, with some minor adjustments, since it´s indoor.

Knut Ekelund won the trout accuracy event with 66 points, while Tom Larsen had the longest cast in the distance event (35,11 m.). Stein Gronberg (photo) collected good results in both events, and won the all-round event. In the ladies class Karoline Olsen won the accuracay event, landing 55 points, while Helga Gresaker came first in both the distance event (30,71) and in the all-round. Among the juniors, Vetle Kjærstad ended at top in all three events, casting 51 points in accuracy and 31,71 metres in distance.

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réplicas de relojes on 29. november 2014 14:41
Sie haben produziert weniger schwierig generieren zu helfen, eine Wette auf wenn und ohne Angst Angst ihre Geld wohnen sicher und gesund harmlos. réplicas de relojes réplicas de relojes
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réplicas de relojes on 29. november 2014 16:51
Und tun sie nicht Wette auf ihrer eigenen am meisten liebte Mitarbeiter , wenn Sie Bewunderer . réplicas de relojes réplicas de relojes
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