World championship in flycasting 2014 - Fly a little further
Have You remembered the registration? The date was 30/6, please hurry if You have forgotten to register.World championship in flycasting 2014
The world championship in flycasting 2014, hosted by the Norwegian Casting Federation, will be held in Fagernes, Norway 14.-17. august.
This will be the 3rd world championship in flycasting, and the competition will take place at the same location as in 2010 and 2012.
 The best flycasters from around the world will compete in 6 different events:
- Trout accuracy
- Trout distance
- Seatrout distance
- Salmon distance
- Spey distance 15'1''
- Spey distance 18'/16'
The rules can be downloaded here
The invitation can be downloaded here
For those of you who have sendt the registrationform, and not yet got a confirmation that we have received it, please send again as we have had some problems with the mailsystem.
At Thursday 14.08, before the official opening of the championship, we will host an assembly with the aim to establish an international federation for flycasting and also possibly surfcasting. All related papers, proposals will be published at this site.
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